Latest News • Around Town goes on set of CM Punk’s new movie, ‘Girl on the Third Floor’

In an explosive WrestleMania showdown, the biggest heart in WWE will risk every part of himself against the collective forces of everything he despises as Rey Mysterio takes on CM Punk. And if The Ultimate Underdog loses the extremely personal match, he must join The Straight Edge Society.

The paths of Mysterio and Punk have collided with catastrophic fallout in recent weeks. Punk, along with his faithful disciples Luke Gallows and Serena, assaulted Mysterio with brutal back-to-back attacks on SmackDown. Mysterio cost The Second City Saint two huge opportunities, pinning The Straight Edge Superstar at WWE Elimination Chamber and costing him his WrestleMania Money in the Bank Qualifying Match against Shelton Benjamin.

Punk “crossed the line” when The Master of the 619 brought his family to SmackDown to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. As the WWE Universe joyfully sang “Happy Birthday” to the elated 9-year-old, The Straight Edge Society crashed the party. Punk challenged Mysterio to a match right then and there, as well as one at WrestleMania. Though he taunted Mysterio and his family mercilessly, the masked Superstar refused to give an answer or to fight while his loved ones were in the ring. Later that night, Mysterio attacked Punk, igniting an all-out brawl that spilled into the crowd.

One week later, Mysterio accepted Punk’s WrestleMania challenge, demanding that the match be a Street Fight. The Straight Edge “Savior” declared that if Mysterio laid a hand on him before WrestleMania, he would call off their match. He also proclaimed that if Mysterio wanted a Street Fight Match at The Show of Shows, he would first have to beat Luke Gallows. However, if he didn’t and Mysterio went on to lose their match on The Grandest Stage of Them All, the masked Superstar would be forced to join The Straight Edge Society. With Punk and Serena’s help, Gallows triumphed over Mysterio, setting the circumstances of the volatile WrestleMania encounter in stone.

Fabiola   Mar 20, 2010