Wrestlemania Results: 619 means I’m better than you


At WrestleMania, Rey Mysterio reigned supreme over CM Punk, defending his family’s honor while saving himself from a forced induction into The Straight Edge Society.

Mysterio’s intense battle for freedom with The Second City Saint raged fast and furious on The Grandest Stage of Them All. From the opening bell, both Luke Gallows and Serena made their presence felt, interfering whenever possible in their savior’s favor. But, despite Punk’s ruthless attack and the actions of his loyal cronies, Mysterio refused to give in. And his heart-filled refusal to give in would not go unrewarded. When The Straight Edge Society tried to prevent the masked Superstar from dialing-up the 619, Mysterio went to work, countering Punk’s GTS and sending him flying into the interfering Gallows. Then, before the capacity crowd, Mysterio rang-up 619 on his second attempt and successfully defeated his Straight Edge nemesis.

The volatile paths of The Master of the 619 and The Straight Edge Superstar collided with catastrophic fallout on The Road to WrestleMania. Punk, along with his faithful disciples Luke Gallows and Serena, assaulted Mysterio with brutal back-to-back attacks on SmackDown. Mysterio cost The Straight Edge Savior two huge opportunities, pinning him at WWE Elimination Chamber and costing him his WrestleMania Money in the Bank Qualifying Match against Shelton Benjamin.

Punk “crossed the line” when he and The Straight Edge Society ridiculed Mysterio and his family as they attempted to celebrate his daughter’s birthday on SmackDown. In the midst of his merciless verbal taunts, the calculating Punk issued a WrestleMania challenge to his emotionally-charged adversary.

One week later, Mysterio accepted Punk’s Show of Shows challenge with fury in his eyes. But, when Gallows triumphed over The Master of the 619 later that night, a stipulation was set in stone that The Ultimate Underdog must win at WrestleMania or take the Straight Edge pledge.

Rey Mysterio’s victory on The Grandest Stage of Them All has allowed him to stay clear of everything he detests. But considering the deplorable actions of CM Punk in recent weeks, has the masked Superstar seen the last of The Straight Edge Society?

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  1. CM don’t be hatin’ on the Beatles. The Beatles broke up 40 years ago; two of them are deceased (sadly) and yet, they’re STILL the number one selling band in the world. Let’s see if ANYONE remembers or cares about you after 40 years.
    Sonny Crockett

  2. This is what I’m talking about with the WWE messing up things.I mean come on anybody in their right state of mind would’ve known that CM Punk culd beat Rey Mysterio.They just want the little guy to win,that’s all.It’s not fair and CM Punk should’ve won that match.

  3. ..I couldn’t watch wrestlemania.. I’m so disappointed..:-<
    Was it a great match? Did they “steal the show”?
    I would like cm punk to win a match soon.. he’s the best after all 😉

  4. It was a cool match and fun to see at wrestlemania. I wore my cm punk t-shirt and undertaker neclece . Cm punk is a cool guy, no drugs, no alcohol, I follow that as an example. Thanks punk for giving me that. 😉

  5. This a poem I wrote I hope all the cm punk fans like it.:-)

    I Am
    By Sarah B.
    Strong as a warrior,
    A fight each night,
    I shall not fall for what I stand for,
    People staring,judging let’em,
    I am drug free.

    Getting high off life,
    Living in the moment,
    A hero?-yes.
    I am drug free.

  6. aww nice
    Seriously i was hoping that rey would lose, it would be soo interesting…falling into the darkside and it’s be like luke skywalker where he’s like no i will not turn to the darkside. That would’ve been so cool. Meh.

  7. after oyoshiros curse a new student tranfered to hinamizawa but he found out his friends are the secret murderers now get ready for live action higurashi no naku koro ni coming out in april 2008

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