WWE Bragging Rights Results: Phenom wins, Animal turns rabid


At WWE Bragging Rights, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker emerged from the fast-paced fury of a championship Fatal Four Way with the gold, reigning supreme over three former World Champions – Batista, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. But, in a match where every Superstar was in it for himself, it was the unsuspected bite of an infuriated Animal that left the WWE Universe absolutely awestruck.

Weeks before, The Deadman defeated CM Punk inside The Devil’s Playground at Hell in a Cell to win his seventh World Title. Five days later on SmackDown, Mr. McMahon emerged to “help” SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long make “his” monumental announcement – that The Straightedge Superstar’s rematch would be a Fatal Four Way at WWE Bragging Rights, and it would also include The Master of the 619 and The Animal.

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  1. kick my butt coz its waiting for your foot to kick me mr punk while i get drunk on beer coz it was hard to hear batista go from i walk alone to kick my butt

  2. Happy Late Birthday I couldn’t tell you this before b/c i didn’t have internet but i wanted to say that as OTHER people boo you, you the best in my book

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