WWE Bragging Rights Results: Phenom wins, Animal turns rabid


At WWE Bragging Rights, World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker emerged from the fast-paced fury of a championship Fatal Four Way with the gold, reigning supreme over three former World Champions – Batista, Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. But, in a match where every Superstar was in it for himself, it was the unsuspected bite of an infuriated Animal that left the WWE Universe absolutely awestruck.

Weeks before, The Deadman defeated CM Punk inside The Devil’s Playground at Hell in a Cell to win his seventh World Title. Five days later on SmackDown, Mr. McMahon emerged to “help” SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long make “his” monumental announcement – that The Straightedge Superstar’s rematch would be a Fatal Four Way at WWE Bragging Rights, and it would also include The Master of the 619 and The Animal.

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  1. Damn! Okay, Punk did pretty good, he got time in the ring too which was good. But damn, I was so disappointed! Wanted a new champ, but Taker haven’t had the belt for long either so maybe next PPV? Overall, good match.

    And wow, Batista, I think he’s heel, or he will make up an excuse on Smackdown…

  2. Disappointing that Punk didn’t win, but fully expected. Thought the standard was alot better than recent Smackdowns, and all four got good time in the ring. Enjoyed the match and the PPV as a whole, better than the last few PPVs.

  3. i enjoyed punk throwing rey out the ring evertime he came in
    CM Punk turned me on that entire night

    Happy 31th Birthday CM Punk!!!!!!!!

  4. I cant judge this time not buying this PPV, disappointing that Taker is still the WC – yeah sure! Congrats to Finlay and the guys on the BLUE TEAM who won for Smackdown the pics on WWE site looked very cool, at least the real wrestling show got the right to brag! Im happy about that!

  5. Much better than hell in a cell which was a load of nonsense, certainly better for Mr Taker who was in the thick of the action with a ring full of champions and not having to move around too much. Im not convinced in him as per usual but it was at least somewhat entertaining. Does smackdown have any face characters with everyone but Rey and Morrison turning heel? The Miz beating Morrison was less than stupid however. Say no more bout that! The team match was insane! Big Show has some explaining to do over at RAW and maybe Shawn and Triple H should think about coming to smackdown, they are not too popular at the present time at RAW I would think.

  6. It was passable, not sure it was worth the cost of the ppv. The drama and the controversy of heel-turns and betrayals from inside both brands was what made the difference.

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