WWE.com: Does CM Punk only have himself to blame for AJ’s shocking attack on Raw SuperShow?

CM Punk crashes through table

For someone who said he digs unstable women, CM Punk should’ve seen this sharp turn coming from a mile away. (VIDEO | PHOTOS)

After weeks of appearing to be firmly in the WWE Champion’s corner, AJ reveled in Punk’s suffering on Raw SuperShow as she kissed, then shoved The Straight Edge Superstar off the ring apron and through a table along with Daniel Bryan.

Moments earlier, AJ created a frighteningly hectic scene when she set up a table outside the ring and climbed to the top turnbuckle during the tag team main event pitting Punk & John Cena against Bryan & Chris Jericho. Concerned by what AJ might do next, the two rivals clamored to talk her off the turnbuckle, with Punk even grabbing hold of the unpredictable Diva before she sent him flying onto Bryan. Judging by AJ’s ecstatic reaction, could inflicting pain on Punk (and Daniel Bryan as collateral damage) have been part of her twisted plan? And did Punk invite more trouble by entertaining AJ’s advances, only to then deny her the attention she craved in return?

The WWE Champion’s emotions toward AJ have ranged from apparent fondness to flat-out indifference. When The Geek Goddess played an instrumental role in Punk’s victories, including his successful title defense against Bryan and Kane at No Way Out, Punk was all smiles about his beneficial relationship with AJ. From taking the brunt of a vicious collision to kissing The Big Red Monster, there seemingly were no limits to what AJ would do to make sure Punk triumphed. But when one of her distractions unintentionally resulted in a victory for Bryan in a Triple Threat Elimination Match on last week’s Raw SuperShow, The Second City Savior’s attitude toward AJ backstage went from amused to standoffish after his loss. (WATCH)

AJ even tried to apologize that her distraction didn’t work out last week and vowed to dedicate her performance in the Divas Summertime Beach Battle Royal to The Straight Edge Superstar. Rather than embrace AJ’s apology, Punk’s response was a matter-of-fact “thanks” and a request to have a “serious, serious conversation” about the state of their relationship. By not expressing how he truly felt about AJ sooner, did Punk quietly enable AJ to keep thinking he legitimately adored her?

On Monday night, AJ was incensed when she found out Punk was talking to his sister on the phone instead of watching her pin Vickie Guerrero. On the flip side, Bryan clearly had ulterior motives for telling his ex-girlfriend that he still has feelings for her, and AJ saw right through his charade as she fired back, “You never cared about me,” shortly before she floored him as well at the close of Raw SuperShow. (WATCH)

Now, less than two weeks away from Money in the Bank, the woman who was once Punk’s greatest ally could be his most volatile threat as he defends his title against Bryan. The WWE Board of Directors selected AJ to be the special guest referee for the WWE Championship Match on July 15 after an overwhelming 76 percent of WWE.com visitors voted they wanted AJ to call the bout.

With his historically lengthy WWE Title reign hanging in the balance, can Punk make amends with AJ before his crucial battle? And who will she ultimately side with as special guest referee at Money in the Bank? Perhaps she’ll just sabotage them both.

In AJ’s world, anything and everything is possible.



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  1. Mr. Punk, I think the situation you are in, is known as a “sticky wicket”. Good luck with the crazy people you work with. I hope you can retain your title to continue to be Champion. If not, you still have a fan. A fan who scratches her head about the wingnuts and dingbats of the WWE, but a fan all the same. Punk = “BITW”. I believe you can win this, but this time…skill and wits are a must.

  2. that’s unbelievable her mad .this matter will be show in “BITW” she search about Attention that’s soo bad to her

  3. I dont no wat the hell 2 make of wat transpired @ the very end of monday nite raw. The ONLY thing Im puzzled by is WHY did aj kiss cm punk ONLY 2 push him off the turnbuckle & go flying on daniel bryan thru the table; then she shouts ‘YES, YES, YES”?! I told you she was UNSTABLE. As for blaming cm punk; he tried 2 help her down (besides daniel) and this is wat he got in return? No; I dont think it was cm punk’s fault. Please don’t blame cm punk. 🙁

  4. I think that AJ is a whack job, but I have to say I do love what she has been doing as it has made the WWE more exciting, but I hope she does not screw CM Punk again because he has been the best WWE champion in all of WWE history as far as I am concerned and I think that he will prove that once more at the M.I.T.B Match and regain his title!!!!! BITW, Come On CM Punk!!!!

  5. AJ Totally Confused Me, Monday Night. I Mean She Kissed Him, Then Threw Him Into The Table. Finally Proceeded With Her Version of D-Bryan’s YES! Chant! RAW was Weird All and All Between! I Also Agree w/. Dale On CM Punk’s Retaining his WWE Title! At MITB! Come On #CMPunk!

  6. Cm Punk knows that AJ is crazy, and yet he still tried to reason with her to not put herself through the table. When Crazy Chick does something crazy, thats just them being them. CM Punk knows better, and I don’t think he will be swayed by AJ’s actions. Stay strong Punk, retain that title.

  7. Kane had enough sense to put his foot down and walk away. Punk did lead her on, and he’s going to pay for it at MITB.

  8. omg i don’t know what should i say more than i hate aj cm punk is in danger because of her he should leave her alone because she is using him .cm punk look out

  9. i think yes punk have to blame himself at the stution bucus i thinks punk should not go on the ropes for aj its all happens just becus punk gets on the ropes for aj but maybe he does aj is crazyyyyyyy chick

  10. Im so tired of people blaming cm punk. It really breaks my heart. Didnt ever accur to anybody that if bryan had NOT dumped aj on live tv & blamed her for his loss for the wwe title she wouldnt even be acting like this. If ur gonna blame somebody BLAME BRYAN NOT CM PUNK!

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