WWE.com: Should CM Punk Respect Big Show?

On Monday, WWE Champion CM Punk dropped a mini–“pipe bomb” and declared that all future episodes of Raw would end as he believes they should: with him, the WWE Champion, standing tall over all opponents, having asserted his dominance as the peak performer in WWE and re-established that he is, in fact, the Best in the World.

And then Big Show knocked him out.

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3 Comments on “WWE.com: Should CM Punk Respect Big Show?”

  1. Not sure I like seeing the Champ on the mat at the end of a show. I would really not like to see that pretty face of his messed up. But I think he has to work out the problems with others respect himself. I don’t really need to comment. Not my business. I will just support Mr. Punk as the best wrestler I have ever seen. He has my respect. Others have their own opinions, and you know what they say about opinions. Enuff said…Go CM PUNK!

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