WWE.com: What’s left for CM Punk to accomplish?

While he is no longer the WWE Champion — after falling to The Rock at Royal Rumble — that hardly lowers the elite status of CM Punk. Like him or hate him, the outspoken competitor who calls himself “The Best in the World” is — to borrow the catchphrase from Triple H — “that damn good.” (WATCH HUGE PUNK PLAYLIST)

And as the dust settles on the longest-reigning WWE Champion in the modern era, WWE.com wonders, what is left for Punk to accomplish?

CM Punk’s WWE legacy is certainly “Straight Edged” in stone: World Tag Team Champion, two-time Money in the Bank Contract winner — on the Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania, no less — Intercontinental Champion, ECW Champion, three-time World Heavyweight Champion and two-time WWE Champion — the latter of which carried with it the awesome mark of lasting 434 days. (WATCH HUGE PUNK PLAYLIST)

Punk formed his own faction — The Straight Edge Society — and rebranded the notorious Nexus in his own image, all before kick-starting a revolution on the back of his “pipe bomb” and headlining WrestleMania in an awe-inspiring WWE Championship Match for the ages against the legendary Chris Jericho.

So what exactly is left for a competitor with Punk’s resume?

For any other Superstar in his position, one single, solitary goal would be clear: reclaim the WWE Title, by any means necessary, and begin a whole new reign. But that’s just it: Nobody is really in Punk’s position. No one in the last 25 years has done what he’s done. This puts him in a very precarious place to say the least — not unlike asking the highest-ranking general in the military to repeat basic training as a lowly private. (WATCH HUGE PUNK PLAYLIST)

Pardon the pun, but when it comes to Punk, you also have to consider the “X” factor. After all, from the time he stepped into WWE, the former champion created opportunity where there simply was none — precisely by taking things in a completely different direction than they were suppose to go.

From the beginning, whenever a door has slammed closed on CM Punk, he’s either kicked it open again or created a whole new door altogether. WWE’s not interested? Redefine Ohio Valley Wrestling, redefine the relaunched ECW and redefine the very essence of what it means to be a WWE Superstar. Isn’t that what his infamous “pipe bomb” rant, and subsequent exodus from WWE with its most prestigious title in his possession, was really all about?

So perhaps the question shouldn’t be what Punk has left to do, but on what epic scale he’ll chose to do it? How will CM Punk once again redefine a playing field that insists he play by their rules or play somewhere else?

Whatever Punk’s next move will be, one thing is certain: It will be earth-shattering enough to rival his epic WWE Title reign. It sure won’t be about ice cream bars. Perhaps he’ll choose to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles, creating one supreme champion for the first time in more than 10 years to dwarf all other Superstars beneath him. (WATCH HUGE PUNK PLAYLIST)

Maybe he will make the grand proclamation that he will win the 2014 Royal Rumble, calling his shot one year ahead of time in a move that would echo The Rock and John Cena making their WrestleMania XXVIII Match on the day after WrestleMania XXVII. If Punk said it, is there anyone that would not take the threat seriously for the next year?

Sometimes the only way to go, however, when you can’t go up, is simply out. If so, then Punk could certainly forge a new championship legacy inside an incredibly different, yet eerily similar, entertainment medium — as an upstart comic book publisher. Last year, the avid comic book reader wrote an introduction for Marvel Comics’ historic and controversial universe-spanning event, “Avengers vs. X-Men.” And there is certainly no shortage of battles to be fought in the world of comic mythology — especially armed with the power of Straight Edge!

The sky is the limit for CM Punk and, from the lofty heights that he has climbed to, who knows where the next “pipe bomb” will explode. The loss of the illustrious WWE Title after such an epic reign demands a powerful next step. And while no one knows for sure what the five-time World Champion’s next course of action will be, there is no doubt that it will break new ground, like only Punk can. (WATCH HUGE PUNK PLAYLIST)

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  1. What’s left for Punk? How about finishing the job? From the Syracuse shooting victim to Canadian grafitti murals, it is inexplicable as to why CM Punk does not understand what his resistance in the past to the status quo means in terms of what is going in this society and in the world. S#it’s getting bad folks, and although we’ve always lived through times of struggle and hardship and dysfunctional cultural and socio-economic institutions before, (the Holy Roman Empire and their paradigm of genocide, repression and irrationality isn’t really that long ago in the great scheme of things), this is perhaps the most oppressive and downward-spiraling paradigm we’ve experienced yet in human history.
    People know this whether or not they admit it to themselves consciously. This is why there has been such a reaction to Punk, and the story that plays out from his original “shoot” to his DVD to now.
    Unfortunately, Punk, for reasons unbeknownst to those not inside of the situation, either his creative motivations and decisions have faltered, or WWE’s motivations and decisions have faltered, or a compromise of directions between both entities has faltered, and we see displayed this guy that we can all root for even if he’s the heel—BUT–he’s still a heel. The storyline that is waiting to be told is the one which deals with social issues that Punk tapped to “break out” in the first place. The morality and ethics of actually changing the system and the battles that must be fought ARE the story. This is why “The Walking Dead” is popular now. Yeah, it’s zombies—but the real point is—“How do we survive when things need to fundamentally change, or are fundamentally changed for us?” People are forced to ACT where many times before they have been bound by complacence—which is a disease we ALL suffer from, regardless of who we are. Things never change until we’re against the wall. The zombies in “The Walking Dead” are the wall that the characters have been pushed up against. Now they must act, and they are going to see their true natures come out. Shane goes nuts. Rick tries to hold hope together. Etc. The point is that it is what is most well-done about the show—it touches upon very relevant social issues.
    So, ultimately, Punk as the heel he’s been showcases how talented he personally is—but it’s not taking wrestling to the next level, where it becomes equal to other forms of entertainment in more people’s eyes.
    Punk brings up solid points about the “WWE Universe”. They are like puppets, and of course this is because of marketing and what is basically mental conditioning. But heel Punk’s point is lost upon a mainstream audience. The WWE ratings and attendance and buys have been low because NOT everyone falls for the conditioning. Most people are looking for solid and relevant entertainment so that they can metabolize how they feel about the times that they live in, which can often be disturbing and scary, and are easier to collectively digest when we can watch it play out in a drama which is removed from action. Because again, to ACT is always hard. But at least people like to THINK, and this is not a bad thing. A small step is better than no steps.
    People are hanging on Punk like the Syracuse shooting victim, because they are willing to look inside the story on T.V. to see a little of the reality about Punk, and they respect him. Yet how much more money would be made for WWE, since that is what they care about, and how much better is it for Punk to become truly legendary in the profession and art form he’s chosen than to metabolize what it is that causes such fervent respect and good feeling for Punk and make it a story on the screen? The first step is that WWE has to stop doing some of the things that they’re doing. The second has to be that Punk realizes that his position need not mean he is not is some wys complacent. I’m sure he’s economically comfortable and lifestyle comfortable—but that isn’t all there is. He has to choose to act over what he has done so far.
    What about a Punk who talks on air about the fact that The Shield is comprised of the young guys that he wanted to see get more opportunities—yet they are cast as villains with no mention made by anyone except very subtly by Punk himself that they ARE the good change trying to happen. The WWE Universe are brainwashed. If the company tells them through a story that Ambrose is a villain and Punk is a selfish prick, then this is what they react to. The hardcore WWE Universe, even when they know it’s “not real”, forget that they know that. That’s why they don’t understand what Punk does underneath the story and character—because the story is that he’s a “sell-out”. Folks—when you get your fame for breaking the fourth wall, and then by telling people that you are unhappy with how things are and want to change them, and then you go back and say that it was all a lie and you only care about yourself—an audience like the WWE Universe, or a group like the IWC are going to en masse REALLY “believe” it.. As for the rest of the culture, who might be drawn to the story if it were done well, they find a story if they bother to look that they have to dissect from backstage reports and DVDs to get the full context of. The THEME of the story that SHOULD be happening would draw people in—Punk’s “cult” reaction proves it—but they don’t want to watch a zombie show where you need to have read the comic to understand it. They want the story intepreted through the medium they’re viewing–in this case, television.
    You want change? Let’s see the real battle for that change play out on air. Let’s see Punk as Punk—not as a heel—not as a smiling face—as he is–a new character—a new paradigm. He says he’s a bad, bad man, and he doesn’t need to be a good one to play this sort of story out. To go back to “Walking Dead”, does Rick sometimes have to cross lines? Yeah—but he isn’t simplistically supposed to look like a villain when he does so. He’s not supposed to look like the All-American, incurruptible hero when he does good, either. We understand, through story-telling, that he is facing things, up against the wall, where his actions are not always going to be pretty. It’s not the anti-hero—that was the past. Batman doesn’t kill. The Punisher does. Who’s right? We’re starting to consider the question socially now through phenomena like “The Walking Dead”, the Chris Nolan Batman movies and others—-it’s the dawn of the “realistic” hero. He or she may have to do things which contradict other things that he or she does. But a core of some sort of ideal holds it all together.
    Yeah, what if Punk were to take a different route? To stop the story currently going on and to even use elements of it to take everything in a relevant direction? This kind of story—done in a mature manner—(not “adult”, not “vulgarity”—but mature themes)—would most likely see wrestling return to a prominence and a relevancy it hasn’t enjoyed since the late 1990’s It enjoyed it then not because of a middle finger or a crude joke–but because WWE and WCW and ECW took RISKS. It is hard to haul up stakes and completely pull in a new direction—but it is often necessary. Sometimes change CANNOT wait. it has to be enacted now.
    What’s the undercurrent of the attitude out there on the street? Check out this Ill Bill and Immortal Technique video, which by the way, would make great entrance music for Punk if he were to evolve his character again, and if he were to become what he could be. The story told by the song and video sums it up. The son grows up to resist the ruler that decimated his people—BUT—has he become the same thing by the method of his resistance? This is what I mean about a mature theme.

  2. I see that links don’t show up on this forum.
    Go to Youtube–the song is called “War is My Destiny” by Ill Bill. There is an animated video for it.

  3. What’s left for punk to accomplish? Hmm, he can get his championship title back @EC and go on to headline @WM to fight the Undertaker streak 20-1

  4. What’s left for punk to accomplish? Hmm, he can get his championship title back @EC and go on to headline @WM to fight the Undertaker and his streak 20-1

  5. What’s left for punk to accomplish? Hmm, he can get his championship title back @EC and go on to headline @WM to fight the Undertaker and beat his streak 20-1

  6. Um…I think he [Cm Punk] said he wanted to open a doughnut shop…I think I read that so…get the baking?

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