WWE.Com: Why did Brock Lesnar attack CM Punk on Raw?

On Monday Night Raw, Brock Lesnar reappeared after a month-long absence from WWE and, without a word of explanation, laid out CM Punk – leaving baffled viewers questioning the timing and motivation of the attack.

Why would Lesnar single out another “Paul Heyman guy?”

Prior to Monday, there was little to suggest the two Superstars harbored any animosity toward one another – a testament to Heyman’s ability to juggle multiple “supersized” egos. But did professional jealousies finally reach a tipping point?

In recent days, CM Punk’s rebuffing of Heyman has only clouded the issue, with many Twitter fans accusing Heyman of ordering the “hit.” Yet, it’s unclear whether Lesnar is even under contract with Heyman, leaving the Universe to speculate: Is Lesnar acting on someone else’s behalf?

Or is it just one man testing the mettle of another?

The WWE Universe will be watching closely next Monday for Punk’s response. For now, we’re left to wonder what Lesnar’s point is, and whether he’s through making it.

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  1. I think it was a big mistake CM Punk vs Brock Lesnar will be an epic match and should be the main event of sumerslam. I think punk will defeat brock and then brock has to quit… again. But what we all want is punk vs stone cold wrestlemania 30 main event.

  2. Punk as a babyface… does this mean cena vs punk night of champs? Or will Daniel Bryan win it at summerslam who knows…

  3. lol the pic is so funny with punk on ground and a pipe bomb so close to his reach… Punks power… must reach must pipebomb brocks sorry ass….

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