WWE Elimination Chamber Results: Heartbroken


Nonetheless, Jericho overcame tremendous odds to capture the World Championship inside Satan’s Structure, outlasting not only the legendary Undertaker, but also John Morrison, CM Punk, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio.

The career-threatening match proved to be a brutal battle from the moment CM Punk locked horns with R-Truth at the opening bell. The Second City Saint defeated the rapping Superstar with the GTS before Rey Mysterio could even enter the Chamber at No. 3. The Master of the 619 – who has a tremendous score to settle with Punk for the back-to-back assaults he has endured on SmackDown – returned the favor by pinning Punk with a splash before Jericho could enter at No. 4.

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  1. cheer up cm punk you will never til wrestlemania 26 this year on friday the 26th of march its my birthday so i hope you win the title again go go s.e.s but i acept straightedge into my life dont shave my hair off because my sister will be telling her friends at school that i am bald so dont do that this year im going to be 12 well good luck xxxxx

  2. @jordie lovely, I don’t think you should be afraid that Punk will shave off your hair anythime soon….I only fear Punk will have a bald head soon.
    Naw I don’t accept straight-edge into my life…..LOLING I’m only clean living isn’t that basically the same? (Except for the ciggies which are bad for me I know). 😛
    Heartbroken? Why does the title say heartbroken?

  3. hi, suxx this does work as a build up to the mask vs hair match that we have heard about. Maybe it would be nice to see cm punk without his chest carpet or his beard, but his hair.. on his head that is is too beautiful to be shaved off..
    I didnt see no way out.. elimination chamber what can i say…

  4. I am disapointed with the digitals, they only have lame people in them and my beloved cm punk of course hes not lame hes beautiful.

  5. Heartbroken I would suspect refers to Shawn Michaels’ interference at the end of the SD elimination chamber match, has in Shawn being HBK.
    My comments re this match are on the previous page,

  6. the digitals show the people Punk was actually wrestling agains int he chamber, don’t see what other pics they could have put up here?

  7. sophie: The chest carpet stays! So sexy! 😛 Yes I know about the build up hair vs mask match towards Wrestlemania. If the other hair comes off i.e. hair on his head & beard Punk will look like a chicken again….lol He looks way older right now with the longer beard. Well I don’t mind I’m older than him anyway lmfao. Thanks julie ref the heartbroken thingie. I did not know as I had fallen asleep at that time the other day so I didn’t have a clue. sophie I have screencaps from the chamber match. The site better-than-you.net also has some. I have different ones though. I have another source where I get my stuff. 😀
    Another thing, I think pro wrestling is such a hard way to make a living. Of course it is show but it must HURT like hell what Punk and the rest have to endure sometimes. I have lost count on the many times I have seen Punk who had fallen on his head for instance. Tell me what you want but this is not good for the head in the long run. Rey is basically a physical wreck, isn’t he?

  8. MariaLKannelis on her twitter today 02-23-2010:
    Words for the day, “I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Kind and fluffy on the outside. Mean and hungry on the inside.”
    Hmm call me crazy 😛 but I think she refers to her ex. I also once read how she talked about him and how mean & abusive he was to her. Hmm….I don’t know what to make of it. Sorry for being a nuisance.:D

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