WWE Europe Tour Digitals

WWE along with the Smackdown superstars, including CM PUNK have been making their way around Europe. Their recent stop was Hamsburg, Germany where CM PUNK and Mickie James made a fan appearance signing. I’ve added to the gallery all the Europe shows so far, check them out!

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  1. I feel very proud that I was there 🙂 The show in Leipzig was great and I am glad that I could sit/stand/jump/cheer so near to the ring and take awesome photos. Looking forward to see CM Punk and the other wrestlers in Germany again 🙂

  2. Those pics are soooo cool! Awesome. My fave – 001 from the Dublin, Ireland set. He definately looks like the Messiah right there… or perhaps the Antichrist hehe… GR8 shot! 🙂

  3. Love you CM Punk, the photos look amazing, you look amazing and really happy and healthy too. The United Kingdom gets the whole PUNK thing, you look right at home. If you and Lita have taken a few touristy photos, Id love to see a couple, would be fun to see whats photo-worthy for CM Punk and his GF while your touring around. 😉 🙂 😉

  4. CM Punk is so hot and the most TODAY person within the WWE. The pics are way cool, I love him so

  5. Yeah people, these pics prove he’s the man! Fuck the rest Punks the Best. The kid with the brit flag that has on it PUNKS NOT DEAD – go kid! If only smackdown got with the same program that this kid understands

  6. @XtremeB
    Isn’t she on a Euro tour with her band right now? Hitting small clubs.
    Yeah what’s the rundown? Alison Danger, Traci Brooks, Daffney, Maria, now Lita…am I missing anybody? So… the ‘CM’ REALLY does stand for Chick Magnet lolz 🙂

  7. It’s me again. Just forget about the posting above. I only felt jealous this morning. 🙂 I can get cheeky sometimes you know……I think I will take a break from here. Love you Punky

  8. cm punk and mickie james is so last year but its cute and i cant make people fall in love for a angel ps i am blushing for a secret crush come on mickie tell punk how you feel about him i mean it is love but if lita or maria found out they are going to be angry with both of you

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