WWE Magazine April 2010 Scans

This magazine is on news stands now. There are 26th covers in total but I’m sorry to say that I couldn’t get my hands on a CM Punk cover. I did manage scan in the rest of the magazine.

10 Comments on “WWE Magazine April 2010 Scans”

  1. Somebody here seems to be in a bad mood..
    ..I really like the second picture (with the handcuffs). I’ve put it as a wallpaper on my computer at work.. Yeah I know that no one cares but when my job bores me to death, I just look at the pic and suddenly Punk puts a big, bright and stupid smile on my face!

  2. i have no idea, im quite happy with all the interviews and articles on punk.
    Ye im gonna put it on my phone.

  3. It looks cool that he is on the cover.
    Some people care others don’t , that’s life for ya.
    Plus , fuck yeah he looks like a bad ass in the second pic – more like a bad boy

  4. oh come on guys you really want to fall 4 his crap ican tell u r bettr than tht

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