WWE Magazine Awards

Best Mic Skills
CM Punk on his gift of gab

“Honestly, I don’t know if I ever learned it. I was once given a great piece of advice by The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. He told me that the best stuff comes from the heart, and that’s all I’ve ever done. I don’t try to think about what I’m going to say because then it seems forced, rehearsed and phony. So when you see me with a mic in my hand, it’s just me talking. It’s what I do, it’s who I am, and I can talk all day long. Some animals are born with claws. Well, I was born with the ability to talk.”


4 Comments on “WWE Magazine Awards”

  1. damn Punk…u da hottest one der! cena=FRiCKIn HIdEOuS.
    wade=UGGGHHH!!! he got dat ugly ass monkey face!
    Rider=not bad…but not nearly a gud as you !


  2. I just saw a video where you call a guy in the audience of vagina!
    kkkkkkk hilarious!
    Follow me on twitter, @ThallysonDiass, would be an honor!

  3. cmpunk not only that u was born to talk no but you can defeat and beat any one in ur face cause u dont fear anything but u just scare people with ur ultimate power u r the best wrestler ever and u know wat fuck this stupid shit that is called john laurinaitis and really i barely could pronouns his name unless his name is written in the first page loooooooooooooooove u forever and i will never forget u bye

    plzzzzzz read

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