WWE Magazine May 2009 Scans

Thank you once again to Ximena who continues to provide cmpunk.com with scans from the WWE Magazine Spanish edition. They are similar to the United States May 2009 scans. Click any thumbnail below to view all the scans.

6 Comments on “WWE Magazine May 2009 Scans”

  1. Cm Punk is in a Myspace Ad for the Heavy Metal Golden God awards… I only saw it once though.

  2. I think Phil is a very talented wrestler who is so underrated and negelected as a WWE entertainer. Since coming up from his underground fighting days to the ECW and now with Smackdown, Punk has been tossed around and out of the limelight, angering his fans. It doesn’t seem right that a wrestler of his calibur, would not be nutured to one of the top spots in the WWE. He certainly has the likeability of Ray Mistero, and has a ‘bad boy’ quality that is, in and of itself, very attractive to his female fans. CM PUNK ‘IS’ A STAR QUALITY WRESTLER and definitely should not be pushed aside for the theatrics of Randy Orton or John Cena. It’s time to crown PUNK, THE ‘NEW PRINCE’ OF THE WWE!….

  3. I was never a fan of punk but I saw him at an event and he’s a pretty cool dude. Good wrestler to. Can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do with that MIB.

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