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WWE Main Event kicked off on ION Television in grandiose fashion with a crucial WWE Tag Team Tournament Match and a history-making clash pitting WWE Champion CM Punk against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. The non-title Champion vs. Champion Match also marked the first time the two Superstars have squared off with one another.

Following the landmark premiere of WWE Main Event on ION Television, the WWE Universe can be certain of one thing: Wednesday nights just got a lot more explosive.

WWE Champion CM Punk def. World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus — Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)

WWE Champion CM Punk’s quest for respect highlighted the debut main event of ION Television’s newest weekly extravaganza. Before the contest, The Second City Saint emphasized the fact that he has defeated John Cena four times in the past year but still does not garner the respect he expects, so defeating the “other” champion would satisfy him. Sheamus retorted by telling Matt Striker of his own plans to silence the WWE Champion with a boot to the face.

As the contest got underway, it quickly became crystal clear why these two ring warriors carry the most coveted prizes in sports-entertainment. Sheamus’ strategy consisted of using his brute strength to keep the WWE Champion at bay, while Punk’s resiliency and agility frustrated the powerful Celtic Warrior on numerous occasions. Momentum swings were fairly even and many near falls kept WWE Universe members on the edge of their seats. Watching from ringside with an equal blend of arrogance and trepidation was Paul Heyman, hoping his guy — CM Punk — would emerge victorious.

During the course of the battle, Punk accidentally pulled off one of the turnbuckle covers, leaving the steel support exposed. As the match wore on and the two champions clashed seemingly to a stalemate, The Straight Edge Superstar noticed the exposed turnbuckle. When The Great White moved to execute the Brogue Kick, Punk ducked and tripped his opponent head first into the unprotected steel. Immediately going for the pinfall, the WWE Champion grabbed Sheamus’ tights for extra leverage and the victory. Punk’s win marked the first time since April 23, 2012, that Sheamus has been pinned — only the second time all year.

It took an exposed turnbuckle and a questionable pinfall tactic for Punk to secure the win, a fact that the World Heavyweight Champion emphasized in a post-match interview. CM Punk may have defeated The Great White, but his dubious methods may not earn him the respect he demands.

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  1. I am tired of anyone who says he doesn’t deserve the respect cause as a former two time money in the bank winner which could possibly be the most difficult match to win and one of the most deticated and driven superstars to ever lace up the boots is a thing most people couldn’t even fathom the strength and passion it takes to walk his path. He shouldn’t even have to ask for respect, although the line of respect he desires is a bit much over the line. Keep up the great work Champ and hope to see CM Punk vs.The Rock at the Rumble and you take that knee and make him eat it as he falls to sleep.

  2. YOU TELL’EM TERRY! People can’t possibly understand wat its like to actually be in cm punk’s shoes.Yeah, punk shouldnt have to ASK for respect but, its not like he’s been working his fucking ass off since WINNING the title back in November 2011 and continue to work day in and day out EVERYNITE to prove to himself that he can keep the title… Oh YEAH THATS RITE HE HAS! Punk is the hardest working guy in the wwe today! I 2 am so sick & tired of people saying he doesnt deserve the respect either. Those haters need to GET A LIFE! By the way wat a terrific title reign punk! Best in the world!

  3. thats obvious cheat he did to sheamus sheamus said he gonna be see him again in the ring i am wait for it . cause i wants to be his hater he dont desverse fans respect . and yes even for mine . cena and sheamus better than him . i said it truth

  4. Its funny u should mention sheamus rokiee becoz WHY did booker t reverse the brogue kick the nite of nite of champions for sheamus? Booker t really screwed del rio over. Talk about a cheap shot. Cant sheamus go without using the brogue kick to win a match. Maybe he should becarefull talkn trash about punk and practice wat he preaches. Cm punk will ALWAYS be better then sheamus. When sheamus LOST to punk during the premiere of the main event and sheamus was talkn trash about punk u call those people sore loosers. Deal with it sheamus. BEST IN THE WOOORLD IS: CM PUNK. AND THATS THE TRUTH.

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