WWE Night of Champions Results: Big Showing


Just like he did two nights earlier on SmackDown, Big Show downed CM Punk with a debilitating knockout punch.

Outweighed by The World’s Largest Athlete, Punk did his best to hold his own against the near 500-pounder.

However, before the match even began, The Second City Saint dissed his own hometown by calling Chicago’s residents the “scum of the earth.” With the disrespectful rant, perhaps The Straight Edge Society leader was doomed from the start.

Did the highly-visible loss on the pay-per-view stage shake the very foundation of The Straight Edge Society? Or, will Punk forge onward with his message of living the straight edge lifestyle? And, who is next to feel the full force of The World’s Largest Athlete? Find out on the next SmackDown at 8/7 CT on MyNetworkTV.

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  1. i think that the match with the big show and cm punk was good but he should have won but that is alright because cm punk will get the big show i do not like the big show i think he is a loser so i hope cm punk will get some revenge against him and i know he will .

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