WWE NXT Results: An early clash


NXT Rookie David “A-List” Otunga brought his A-game to the WWE NXT premiere, picking up his first win in front of the WWE Universe. Under the guidance of his WWE Pro, R-Truth, Harvard Law graduate Otunga defeated Darren Young, who had an ornery CM Punk, Luke Gallows and Serena in his corner. The confident, charismatic and strong Otunga took just minutes to impressively defeat South Beach party boy Young. But the WWE Universe is left to wonder how Young will fare in WWE NXT when his Pro, Punk, is less than excited to mentor the NXT Rookie, that is, unless he’s ready to join the Straight Edge Society.

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  1. Hello Punk
    I wanted to congratulate
    for your four titles won in WWE
    keep it up and hope you win the WWE Championship
    and tell me why not change the song intro (This Fire Burns – Killswitch Engage) now you have a stable you have to renew


  2. Haha hence the ridiculous hair is what i think.I shall enjoy seeing cm punk shave his hair off..

  3. cm punk is an outstanding compeditor and it is a travesty that he has to wast his time and energy on baby sitting this beach partying, inconciderate groupie bitch when he is suppoused to be out there making five star matches and winning championships. it is so frustrating when WWE forces superstars to do something as pointless as mentouring future Zack Ryders.

  4. i do find it funny how punk isn’t mentoring him, he’s just letting him understand that he won’t be mentored until he gives up that party style. Seriously i would neeeever do anything with a guy with that kinda hair.

  5. @Punkfreak: The ”superstars” get paid for it so I would think it doesn’t really matter to them? Or does it? They are also actors.

  6. scottish – Yeah.. me neither… but that ridiculous hair could be part of the .. em..yeah thing…( i cant remember) I think its funny how cm punk and luke and serena… are ignoring him.

  7. does anyone else see the connection between cm punk and charlie manson? he even has his followers shaving their heads. is that for cooties, or just control. tch tch, what is happening?

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