WWE NXT Results: Clash in the City of Angels


While CM Punk hasn’t completely convinced his Rookie, Darren Young, to drop his South Beach party boy habits and convert to the Straight Edge lifestyle, he has guided him to victory more than once. On WWE NXT this week, Young earned a tag team victory when he pinned Pro Matt Hardy after Punk hit him with the Go To Sleep when the official wasn’t watching. With the Straight Edge Superstar on his side, Young has been unstoppable, and has increased his record to 2-1. But will Young change his life and join the Straight Edge Society? That may not happen this week, as after Young’s win, he was attacked by SES member Luke Gallows, who hit the Gallows Pole on Young, as well as Hardy and his Rookie, Justin Gabriel, as a sign of solidarity as Punk and Serena smugly looked on. As for Gabriel, his once-perfect record dropped to 2-1.

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