WWE NXT RESULTS: Rising to the challenge


On last Tuesday’s debut edition of WWE NXT, Darren Young suffered a quick loss to the imposing and confident David Otunga due in part to a lack of guidance from Young’s WWE Pro, CM Punk. This week, however, the South Beach party boy got a helping hand from The Straight Edge Savior and his loyal followers, Serena & Luke Gallows.

While the impressive Rookies battled evenly in the early goings of the match, Young was given a window of opportunity after Punk grabbed Otunga’s leg. With the red carpet Rookie distracted, the powerful Young slammed his opponent to the mat and scored his first win on WWE NXT. Frustrated with his loss, Otunga shoved his WWE Pro, R-Truth, after the match.

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  1. NOSTALGIC MOMENT! And I know HIM, as a man, wears that… but he also wore that, wore hoodies back in Ring Of Honor. So many great fond memories and what not.

    The entire show was… alright. Justin Gabriel was actually decent, excluding his stupid attire. Punk, to me, was the star. That’s just my own personal views. Not even Danielson could keep my attention, just because of his “injury” and him barely able to do anything in the match-up.

    Punk has his own agenda.

  2. He wore that same hoodie in a radio interview in October 09 (it’s on youtube :D). It’s AWESOME! The hoodie & the interview. 😀

  3. I didn’t watch NXT…and I’m not sure whether I catch up on later, the show just doesn’t interests me very much, but maybe I will watch only the part with punk 🙂

    chic hoody, i remember that punk wore it during his tag team title time with kingston 🙂

  4. its my personal opinion that korn sucks but freak on a leash is a good song.
    it’ll be on soon, i wish there were more photos, there’s only two in the folder.

  5. This page was posted up so soon..had anyobody seen it yet…
    Yeah… i feel the same way as lumisohjo. I think its really….stupid… that carlito is on it. Carlito sucks so bad..

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