WWE Over the Limit Preview: (S.E.S. Pledge vs. Hair Match)

If you’ve been keeping score, it’s all tied up between Rey Mysterio and CM Punk. At WrestleMania XXVI, The Ultimate Underdog downed Punk with the 619 to prevent having to join The Straight Edge Society.

Then at Extreme Rules, Punk defeated The Master of the 619 to protect his hair. Now, at Over the Limit, one Superstar will be forced to make a drastic change.

If Mysterio loses, he must join The Straight Edge Society. And if Punk loses, Rey gets to shave his head! If you look deeper than the match stipulations, there may be some extra motivation for Mysterio to win.

Leading up to their WrestleMania match, Mysterio was forced to endure The Second City Saint’s taunting of his family.

And in recent weeks, Mysterio has been the victim of sneak attacks from a mysterious hooded person who has yet to be indentified. Clearly though, the individual has allegiances to The Straight Edge Society. Will this individual play a role at Over the Limit?

Regardless of who has more motivation to win, the bottom line is that someone’s future is going to change.

Will Rey find himself forced to stand side-by-side with Luke Gallows, Serena and CM Punk? Or, will Punk lose what he calls a symbol of his purity? Find out at Over the Limit, live Sunday, May 23, only on pay-per-view.

46 Comments on “WWE Over the Limit Preview: (S.E.S. Pledge vs. Hair Match)”

  1. oooh prince of persia…ye i need to see that, im not sure i can watch it i may have a heart attack if punk loses. This is not fair. I thought phew punk won his hair match, but noooo. Oh damn i wish i kept my mouth shut about rey not putting up anything for that match.

  2. This feud is getting on my nerves. I’m just fed up with it.
    I’ll come back here when Punk is bald.

  3. but you dont understand im cheating on cm punk luke gallows and serena so please forgive me everyone im sorry i dont see it that way in fact no one saw it that way

  4. jordie I’m sure he doesn’t mind you cheating on him, in fact he cheats on you too. 😀

  5. @Tori Renee I’m pretty sure Punk doesn’t care one way or the other if it kills you inside. Personally I’m fed up with this ‘feud’ also. Hair, no hair….maybe bald will suit him. 😀

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