WWE Over the Limit Preview

20110516_otl_kaneshow_punkryan_preTackling the formidable challenge of WWE Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane would seem a fool’s errand. Despite the obvious pitfalls, however, their opponents at WWE Over the Limit, CM Punk & Mason Ryan, are hardly dupes.

On the contrary, The Second City Savior, a man so sinister he was inducted into the inaugural class of WWE.com’s Hall of Infamy, has proven himself as wily a Superstar as has ever inhabited WWE. Paired with the chainsaw temper and menacing muscle of Ryan, the New Nexus leader and his disciple have ample opportunity to seize their first-ever WWE Tag Team Titles.

Easier said than done. To capture the championships, Punk & Ryan must first pull off the in-ring equivalent of snatching raw salmon from the jaws of two hungry grizzlies. Since combining their sizable strengths, The Big Red Monster & The World’s Largest Athlete have dominated the rosters of both SmackDown (where Kane reigns), and Raw (which recently drafted Big Show).

In the weeks leading up to their showdown in Seattle, the four have been entangled in an ever escalating war, each eager to punish the other. Will the towering terrors continue to cast a shadow over the WWE landscape? Or will the New Nexus duo manage to take out the lofty leviathans at the knees? To find out, order WWE Over the Limit, May 22 at 8/7 CT, live on pay-per-view, or be a part of the action live at Seattle’s KeyArena by ordering tickets here.