WWE Smackdown Results: Ready, set, Spear!


Before the match, CM Punk encouraged Luke Gallows to get the win and earn some payback for Mysterio keeping Punk out of WrestleMania for interfering in his Money in the Bank Qualifying Match last week. (PHOTOS) Despite Punk’s words, Gallows failed his Straight Edge savior by getting pinned by Mysterio. After the bout, Punk tried to hit Mysterio with the Go to Sleep. But he too failed to get the better of The Master of the 619. Punk was seething at the outcome.

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  1. Well for the Punknut fans who remain, Cami has pulled a miracle and somehow got him to make comments on her Punk page, amazing young lady 🙂 Whatever people think of him, his ideas and comments are always killer, check it out, Im a fan and Im completely behind his ideas for Cm Punk,SES,Mysterio just days outs from Wrestlemania.


  2. I just wanted to say that CM Punk should of won that tag team match tonight. I think the WWE needs better writers. Also, I would like to know is CM Punk with Serena both on and off camera. If they are acting they deserve an emmy for that. My wife and I find there is a ton of electricity between the two. I for one say Serena looks fine and CM Punk would be a lucky man to have her. There isn’t to many women that can pull off the bald look.

    I really do want to see them start letting CM Punk hold the belt a lot more often. I want to see them give the Women’s Championship to Serena and the World Heavy Weight title to CM Punk at the same time. I do agree with CM Punks beliefs. I myself have been doing that for years. So I say hats off to everyone in the straight edge society. If Serena reads this. Your the absolute most beautiful woman on this earth.

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