WWE Spanish Magazine Sep/Oct Scans

Once again thanks to Ximena for continuing to provide WWE Magazine in Spanish scans. She has provided scans for October and September.

Magazines > WWE Magazine (Spanish) > September 2009
Magazines > WWE Magazine (Spanish) > October 2009

5 Comments on “WWE Spanish Magazine Sep/Oct Scans”

  1. Its difficult to give comment about scans in a different language, but what I can say is that even though there probably wont be a lot of comments about scans, this little irish bastard likes the colours and the brightness they bring to the website. Its so accessable and Im lovin it. Its good work from miss xemina and from Punks people who must be in need of some good kip with all the work they been doing lately. 😀

  2. thanks for putting these up, nice bright pictures, recognise a couple from previous issues of WWE Mag in the UK, they look great on the site.

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