WWE Spanish Magazine

A huge thank you to Ximena for providing these. Here are scans from the July and August issue of WWE Magazine, Spanish Edition.

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  1. on Tuesday the 27th it will be the three year Anniversary of the last time cm punk logged into his myspace page. I know it’s not much of a topic but it could be a real ice breaker.

  2. Oh and happy birthday punk and i can’t wait to see you whip some ass at bragging rights, get back what is rightfully yours.

  3. that looks like a cool edition whichever language its in. Punk’s just cool, all over the whole fucking planet! The yellow looks damn good on punks website too

  4. Cool scans, darn cool colors and an awesome wrestler, and it works for Punks website, more scans, more artwork, more wallpapers, this joint is just starting to look alive

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