WWE Superstars Results: Devious Disruption


While sitting ringside with Todd Grisham during the main event of “WWE Superstars,” United States Champion The Miz took the time to scout his former tag team partner and opponent at WWE Bragging Rights, Intercontinental Champion John Morrison. It wouldn’t be long, however, before the arrogant Superstar would interfere. With Morrison seemingly about to deliver some Starship Pain on CM Punk, The Miz stormed into the ring and intentionally attacked The Straightedge Superstar to disqualify The Guru of Greatness.

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  1. looks a lot better, thanks people at cmpunk.com

    I agree with Paddyfan, Finlay is incredible, but very under-rated

  2. Looks much better here now, thanx guys, girls at cm Punk.com. I love the red, orange, black and white collage as the home page standard, looks cool, would love to see a little more of those colors splashed around the place, especially underneath your advrtising, either side of the decending comments, there aint nothing but blank down here where I am right now lol ! Art is such a mysterious thing!

  3. It still feels a little too quiet round here, must be the grey! When it was the old design I always felt I was among friends, but now I feel im here alone LOL I side with Sun Tzu on some color thrown around on the walls left and right of the comments – feels so cold as I type and there is nothing but grey on grey LOL

    CM PUNK, if youre out there killer, check out your website and leave a comment see how it feels to be one of us, probably like going to an arena to wrestle but theres no1 in the stadium come fight-time! Just feels a bit empty

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