WWE Superstars Results: Devious Disruption


While sitting ringside with Todd Grisham during the main event of “WWE Superstars,” United States Champion The Miz took the time to scout his former tag team partner and opponent at WWE Bragging Rights, Intercontinental Champion John Morrison. It wouldn’t be long, however, before the arrogant Superstar would interfere. With Morrison seemingly about to deliver some Starship Pain on CM Punk, The Miz stormed into the ring and intentionally attacked The Straightedge Superstar to disqualify The Guru of Greatness.

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  1. Good match! I loved how The Miz ruined it all at the end, Punk was happy so that’s what matters ^^. And I don’t know but I think Morrison was better heel. He’s trying to hard to get response from the fans and when he was heel, it came more “naturally”.
    Punk is awesome either way, that guy is frickin’ amazing

  2. I was so disappointed in this matter, I can’t even put it into words! The potential for a classic was there, but WWE decided to just show the total waste of time that is The Miz. Yes, I’m glad Punk got the win, but c’mon wwe give us some wrestling, that’s what we watch for!

  3. Major fuck-up, but totally NOT Punks or Morrisons fault. WWE ruining a potentially gr8 match with unnecessary promotion of another wrestler at the expense of the better wrestlers…

  4. Im re-posting my comment for this match from other page, coz Im awesome! Yuk!

    Punkville66 Says:
    October 17th, 2009 at 1:03 AM
    From a girls perspective. Lets put it this way, two super gorgeous semi naked men wrestling like theres no tomorrow and the camera is mostly on the ugliest most obnoxious b-side wrestler in wwe! Think about it. Id call that ratings suicide.

  5. Moi j’aime bien cm punk- Je l’aimais bien avant quand il était gentil et maintenant devenu ennuyeux quand il parle. Mais son joli visage d’ange, son sourire et son catch vraiment agréable à regarder font oublier toutes ses paroles. Allez CM PUNK !!

  6. Oh boy! Where do I begin and the pain ends! WWE, WWE, WWE????????????????????
    You people are getting brilliant at killing great matches. How do you “experts” massacre a match that shouldve been a victory for ALL wrestling fans?
    Im in shock at how that Punk versus Morrison match became just a side-dish to what monkey-boy was shitting and dribbling on about from ring-side! That was a massive sign of disrespect to the work ethics of your two best wrestlers Punk and Morisson! You are killing fans of wrestling with this carry-on. WWE bosses you have got to stop trying to be clever and get back to providing wrestling to the fans. Just the pits really.

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