The first ever TLC pay per view is around the corner. It will be live on December 13th. It’s still unclear who CM PUNK will be facing but you guys might enjoy the fact he is on the ppv poster. Check it out below.

7 Comments on “WWE TLC PPV Poster”

  1. Man, im excited bout this already. The poster rocks! What will Punk bring to TLC?. Lets not forget he is the new King of TLC after he de-throwned Jeff Hardy at his own thing. Cant wait… 🙂 Should be massive. And who’s got the balls to be his opponent?

  2. Lets just hope the WWE doesnt have planned for Punk to lose this too. I wanna see the return of our King to the throne, no-one else is worthy

  3. This isnt the official poster for the ppv. The official poster is on wwe.com and its got Undertaker chokeslamming edge threw a table…even though i like the punk one..its not the official one.

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