WWE Updates Their Suspension Story

WWE added this to the story on WWE.com about CM Punk being suspended:

UPDATE: As of Tuesday, June 28, WWE and CM Punk have reached an agreement that Punk will fulfill his non-televised live event obligations for the remainder of his contract, through July 17. Furthermore, both sides have mutually agreed not to disparage one another.

19 Comments on “WWE Updates Their Suspension Story”

  1. What happened was an outrage to cm punk, deserved all the words out of his mouth, perhaps some day I cry for what they did. HE IS THE BEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD

  2. We love you CM Punk. Where ever you go, we will follow you. [2]

    hail from brazil!

  3. Chicago Made fuckin’ Punk. Love this. The only reason why I pay attention to the WWE anymore is because of you. I’ll follow you anywhere you go, that’s a fact.

  4. what I like about CM Punk is because he’s real, unique & not a phony.. love you, Punk..

  5. i think that cm punk is an excellent athlete and a great person one of my favorite wrestlers i have alwayd admired cm punk when he had came into the wwe and supported him and the straight edge society which i will always support i am straight edge and will continue to follow it also cm punk did a great job on raw and i just hope that he stays in the wwe and becomes champion again .

  6. CM Punk go in to ROH, TNA=)
    Vince McMahon The most stupid president in history!

    P.S. We love you Phil Brooks, from Russia

    Bad punk! It was the best thing on the whole show, and given that it was a promo as opposed to wrestling, that says a lot about the state of WWE right now. Time to start following ROH more I think, especially if you go back there…

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