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They’re the rule-breakers. The miscreants. The rogues we love to loathe. Throughout WWE history, there has been a varied assortment of individuals – both inside & outside the ring – who seem to thrive not on adulation, but on eliciting a chorus of boos from the WWE Universe whenever they stride down the entrance ramp. But which of these villainous offenders deserve top (dis)honors?

In 2011, inducts its first annual selection of notorious Superstars & personalities into the Hall of Infamy, a veritable “who’s who” of WWE’s most sinister malcontents & masterminds.


Flaunting his straight edge lifestyle, displaying blatant disrespect for his opponents & talking down to members of the WWE Universe each & every week, CM Punk has made a career of rallying others to his cause – & targeting those who refuse to side with him.

Whether leading his Straight Edge Society into battle, humiliating Rey Mysterio & his family on Smackdown or leveling opponents with vicious maneuvers like the Go To Sleep, the Anaconda Vice & the Koji Clutch, this Chicago native made it his mission to become not only the most hated Superstar on the WWE roster, but one of the most loathed in-ring competitors in history.

The self-appointed Second City Savior boasts multiple World Championships, & would supplant Wade Barrett to become the charismatic leader of The New Nexus. Through it all, this power-hungry Superstar has been fueled by a single belief – the very same ideology that earned him placement in the Hall of Infamy: He’s straight edge, which means he’s “better than you.”

Debbie Wiseman May 5, 2011