WWE.com Top 25: Dirty Deeds


Sins of the Ring

There are moments of glory the WWE Universe will always remember. Hogan slamming Andre. Eddie winning the WWE Championship. Then there are moments they can’t forget — the double crosses, heartbreaking betrayals and fiery assaults that remind us how dangerous a career in WWE can truly be. In this Top 25, WWE.com looks back in anger at the most sinister things ever done in and out of the squared circle. Enter at your own risk.

# 07: Party Crasher

This was CM Punk at his most depraved. Disheveled, unhinged and flanked by the dead-eyed zombies in his Straight Edge Society, the soulless Superstar crashed a celebration for Rey Mysterio’s daughter on SmackDown in 2010. Knowing that Mysterio would have no choice but to stay by the side of his wife and children, Punk took his time as he slinked across the ring and warbled his way through a haunting rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song. There was no physical violence here, but there didn’t need to be. Punk embarrassed Rey in front of his family — a humiliation more painful than any bare-knuckle beating.